Message from the President

Duncan McConnel

Duncan McConnel  LCAPres

24 July 2015

Citizenship Law

When the government proposes legislative measures to remove citizenship from Australians, it requires the Parliament to wrestle with some fundamental legal principles on which our democracy is founded.

The Federal Government has introduced three new provisions, which would strip dual nationals or citizens who engage in terrorist activity of their Australian citizenship. These provisions would be automatically triggered when a person either engages in prescribed terrorist-related conduct, serves or fights for a declared terrorist organisation, or if they are convicted of a specified terrorism offence as prescribed in the Criminal Code.

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What's New?

4 August 2015: Law Council tells Inquiry proposed citizenship-stripping laws are deeply flawed
Proposed legislation to allow dual nationals to be stripped of their Australian citizenship on national security grounds is flawed and should be amended or reconsidered altogether, according to the Law Council of Australia.

17 July 2015: Law Council deeply concerned with 'crackdown' against lawyers in China
The Law Council of Australia has expressed deep concern at reports of a "major crackdown" in China, resulting in the mass arrest and detainment of lawyers, law firm staff, and activists.

9 July 2015: NAIDOC week the perfect time to acknowledge – and strengthen – efforts in Justice Reinvestment
NAIDOC Week presents as a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the importance of Justice Reinvestment efforts and to seek opportunities to expand initiatives, according to the Law Council of Australia.

2 July 2015: Legal profession disappointed by National Partnership Agreement on legal assistance services
The Law Council of Australia has said the National Partnership Agreement on legal assistance services announced yesterday by the Commonwealth Attorney-General is a major disappointment that ignores the Productivity Commission's recommendation for a $200 million increase in Legal Aid Commission funding.