Message from the President

Duncan McConnel

Duncan McConnel  LCAPres

24 July 2015

Citizenship Law

When the government proposes legislative measures to remove citizenship from Australians, it requires the Parliament to wrestle with some fundamental legal principles on which our democracy is founded.

The Federal Government has introduced three new provisions, which would strip dual nationals or citizens who engage in terrorist activity of their Australian citizenship. These provisions would be automatically triggered when a person either engages in prescribed terrorist-related conduct, serves or fights for a declared terrorist organisation, or if they are convicted of a specified terrorism offence as prescribed in the Criminal Code.

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What's New?

21 August 2015: Law Council supports Senate's rejection of mandatory sentencing
The Law Council of Australia has welcomed the Senate's decision not to proceed with mandatory sentencing provisions for firearm offences in the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offence and Other Measures) Bill 2015.

18 August 2015: Royal Commissioners entitled to same respect as Judges
The public attacks on the Commissioner being played out through the media are unacceptable and damage the basis on which tribunals and Courts operate.

14 August 2015: Latest example of legal aid funding crisis should serve as wake-up call
A Northern Territory man facing serious assault charges has been denied legal assistance by the local Legal Aid Commission due to "insufficient funds," in another striking example of Australia's deepening legal aid funding crisis.

11 August 2015: Legal profession welcomes new Federal Court judge
On behalf of the Australian legal profession, the Law Council of Australia applauds the appointment of Ms Brigitte Markovic as a judge of the Federal Court of Australia.